ARCHIVE / 1981 / Texts

Mercedes Barberà
Taller Galeria Fort

Mini Print International, Cadaqués 1981, originates in the belief that man learns and progresses through the impulse to find new ways of action and expression in order to better understand and adapt himself to the continual mutations of the world that surrounds him.

Starting in Tarragona in 1960, Taller Galeria Fort initiated its activities, showing the latest tendencies in the Fine Arts. Moving to Barcelona in 1971 it embarked on an intensive study of the various techniques of printmaking. Now, in Cadaqués, it issued a call to all artists around the world who project their knowledge and sensibility through etching, lithography, serigraphy, woodcut and all new ways of expression in the graphic arts.

The result has been a massive response: 192 artists from 34 countries with a total of 470 works. The fact that the works are mini prints is of special interest since works in small format are not so well known on the international scene. Man creates, expresses himself, invents and wants to tell us something from the most diverse places on earth.

Cadaqués, which has known the presence of so many famous artists and has inspired universal masterpieces, will once again receive all those artists who have responded to the call.

The sensitive and interested spectator, knowledgeable and observant, is the one who will finally close the circle.