ARCHIVE / 2009 / Texts

Ian Chance
Founder Wingfield Arts.
Director Farleys Yard Trust.

A Global Vision

To have been associated with the Mini Print International of Cadaques since my first meeting with Pascual and Mercedes in 1990 has been a wonderful privilege. This unique exhibition has grown since its earliest days in 1981 to reveal the astonishing vision of its founders which has resulted in the creation of an extraordinary global artistic experience. This has not only given established and younger artists alike across the world a welcome opportunity to exhibit and sell their work but has also brought joy and lasting pleasure to an enthusiastic public in all the many countries in which it has been seen. My involvement has been to extend this international dimension to England where during two decades the Mini Prints were first seen at Wingfield Arts in Suffolk, then at Farley Farm House in Sussex, the former home of English Surrealist, Roland Penrose and Lee Miller. Both these organisations have a link with the idea of art in a domestic setting, a context to which the Mini Prints are admirably suited.

Over the years the Mini Prints have received much well deserved critical acclaim and eloquent appreciation but at its heart it is the very simplicity and diversity of the concept that has captured the imagination of artists and public alike, inspiring many people to purchase a work of art for the first time and exciting others to start collecting these magical prints to enliven their homes and places of work.

Where else have we the opportunity to glimpse at first hand affordable, original art reflecting the hopes, dreams and desires of artists from over fifty countries, sharing a sense of humour across the globe, delighting in familiar and unusual subject matter, admiring the skilful use of techniques and the imaginative expression of ideas. Year after year this wonderful exhibition rises to the occasion fully deserving its description as a `miracle` that never fails to astonish and delight.

In a complex and challenging 21st century world the Mini Print exhibition is a reassuring example of how a simple and beautiful idea, well executed and imaginatively sustained, can bring so much pleasure and fulfilment to so many people. Indeed there can be no better example of the time honoured concept ‘multum in parvo’ than that found in the Mini Print International. Its inspirational message has touched our lives and is a lasting credit to all who have participated in and supported the vision of its founders.

Mercedes Barberà Rusiñol
Director of the Mini Print International of Cadaques

This year the Mini Print International of Cadaqués was again exhibited in the beautiful galleries of the Wingfield Barns cultural center, founded and directed by Ian Chance. At the opening, Tony Penrose, son of the artist Roland Penrose and the celebrated photographer Lee Miller, who were kind enough to house the Mini Print during 3 years in the Farleys Yard cultural center, directed a few emotive words of praise and appreciation for the exhibition. With great success and wishes for continuity, the Mini Print resumes its presence in Wingfield where it was attended by many collectors and art lovers who affectionately remembered the previous editions which they faithfully visited during so many years (1992-2005).

The Mini Print exhibition in the Taller Galeria Fort in Cadaqués was visited by many people. We have observed that the modern techniques of printmaking, the new non contaminating materials and digital art in its various facets, excite great interest and curiosity, which converts the Mini Print into a mirror of the immense possibilities of graphic art.

Collectors and graphic art experts from all over the world came. They were particularly interested in the work of the award winning artists of previous years. For many of them, this visit has become a ritual.

I would like to note that participating artists from all the autonomous communities of Spain, as well as artists from Israel, Portugal, Japan, Colombia, Russia, Germany, England, the United States, France, Serbia, Argentina, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Switzerland and Italy visited us. We were moved by their words of recognition and support which encourage us to continue.

The following artists came for the openings of their solo shows: Gérard de Brénnel of Barcelona; Claudia Hobi of Switzerland; Maria Ribeiro of Portugal; Peter Boyadjieff of Canada; and Sadao Sakurai of Japan. They all spent several days in Cadaqués and we were very pleased to be able to spend time with them and exchange new ideas, humor and friendship. All five of them acted as jurors of the Mini Print International of Cadaqués 2009. We regret the absence of Eunice Kim from the United States who was unable to attend for personal reasons. Her prints were as well received and admired as those of her colleagues.

The Mini Print confirms its itinerancy during October and November in the Tharrats Foundation of Graphic Art in Pineda de Mar. We thank them for their perseverance in housing the exhibition which is visited by people from the various towns of the Maresme and the Barcelona area. Forty Japanese artists, many of whom participated in various editions of the Mini Print, who were here for their group show in the Marges-U gallery in Cadaqués, visited the show when it was exhibited in Pineda and exclaimed with great sympathy that the trip there was worthwhile.

In continuation the show travels to the beautiful village of Bages in the south of France. Thanks to the professionalism of Sophie Cassard, director of the gallery L’Étangd’Art, it is awaited, admired and visited during November, December and January, not only by the French public but also by collectors from various European cities.

In this year of economic difficulties we are especially grateful to the Dirección General de Bellas Artes y Bienes Culturales, of the Ministerio de Cultura for their aid with the publication of this catalog and their respect and admiration for the Mini Print’s 29 years of continuity.

We have reached the end of a decade and can not forget the help received from so many collaborators and especially the linguistic advice and support of the artists Nobuko Kihira and Norman Narotzky.

We hope to begin the new decade with the important and always indispensable participation of the artist printmakers who send us their work from all over the world. To them we owe the existence of the Mini Print International of Cadaqués, and in them, as always, we rest our hope.

A thousand thanks to everyone!