ARCHIVE / 2005 / Texts

Joan Borrell i Bassols
Mayor of Cadaqués

Anybody who is involved in activities related to the world of art knows that reaching the celebration of a twenty-fifth anniversary is not an easy enterprise, and to do so at the quality level of the Mini Print is even more difficult. This intense and praiseworthy task, sustained during these 25 years, is only achieved with great effort, much creativity and above all with the participative spirit of some private sectors that contribute to maintaining the cultural dynamism that has made the village of Cadaqués a touristic destination differentiated from the rest of the villages along the Catalan coast.

Year after year, prints from all over the world have come here. The rigor in choosing the prizewinners, the excellent organization, the attractive and original idea, the location where it takes place with its beautiful landscape and the artistic tradition of the village of Cadaqués, are factors that have contributed to the success of the Mini Print and have increased the interest achieved from the very first year, consolidating this celebration in the international artistic panorama.

All this would have been impossible if there had not been, from the very beginning, a veritable enthusiasm…No activity of this kind can be achieved without it. And Pascual Fort, himself a creative man and an entrepreneur, of whom we have a great memory, and his family which continues this enterprise with much enthusiasm, are what has made possible the fact that today we are speaking of a 25th anniversary which evokes special optimism. In the administration we understand that we should support initiatives like this whenever possible, so that efforts of cultural promotion like the Mini Print can celebrate not twenty-five years but many more.

We will also remember this year 2005 for the fiesta celebrated during the month of July which enriched the network of relations, bringing together artists and a public that sees in the exhibited art the personal mark of the artists’ work which uses the different techniques of printmaking as an exercise in freedom and suggestion.

I want to encourage Mercè and Josep and all their collaborators to continue for many more years this extraordinary task so that together we may continue to enjoy these exhibitions offered by the Taller Galeria Fort year after year. The passage of all those world renowned artists who have participated has made it possible to speak of the Mini Print as a key reference in printmaking on an international scale.

Mercedes Barberà Rusiñol
Director of the Mini Print International of Cadaques

This year the Mini Print International of Cadaqués celebrated the 25th anniversary of its appearance in the world of art with the desire to contribute to the diffusion of printmaking in all its forms and techniques. It hopes to revalue this form of expression used by many artists on the five continents who, enamored of the results of their experience in this medium, hope to find a route to exhibit their work to the largest number of spectators.

For 25 years we have tried to do this and I think that we have succeeded because of the fact that at this moment the Mini Print is one of the most solid and highly valued events in the world. Its itinerant character has made its presence in Europe, America and Asia possible. It is always received with the maximum interest and expectation.

To celebrate that the Mini Print has lasted 25 years, we organized a popular fiesta in Horta d’en Sanés Street in Cadaqués, where the Taller Galeria Fort is located, with the Mini Print decorating its walls in an explosion of light and joy. More than 500 people attended, enjoying a community supper and very good music. Many people will long remember this fiesta.

The exhibition of the 25th Mini Print in the Taller Galeria Fort during July, August and September was characterized by the use of color by the majority of artists within their varied techniques and by the intense energy of the forms of expression, provoking an impression of great vitality.

The solo shows of the prizewinning artists were extremely interesting. This year the following artists visited us and acted as jurors: Mary Hurst of England, Todor Orvachov of Bulgaria, Pere Bellès of Spain and Shogo Muto of Japan. The Mexican Gustavo Möller and the Korean Won-Seok Jang could not travel to Cadaqués but their works were much admired.

“Wingfield Arts Festival” in England exhibited the Mini Print during July, August and September. The many spectators who have made it a custom to visit the Mini Print every year always await it with great interest. In November, December and January it was exhibited in the “L’Etangd’Art” Gallery in Bages, France. Its continued presence and the artistic sensibility of Sophie Cassard, the gallery’s director assures its success.

We would like to express our gratitude for the economic support of the “Entitat Autònoma de Difusió Cultural” of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya, which has made possible the complete edition of this catalog and in full color for the first time. We also thank the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Spanish Government, which has contributed to the circulation of the event throughout the world. Thanks also to the Cadaqués Town Hall for its support of the anniversary fiesta and for its interest in retaining the Mini Print as an artistic reference of the village of Cadaqués.

Last but not least our recognition of the contribution of all the participating artists. Without them, the Mini Print International of Cadaqués would not be possible. We hope that their presence in the exhibition was as pleasant for them as it is for us. It was an ensemble of art and beauty from around whole world. We expect you for the next show, on the way to fifty years!!!