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Albert Ràfols-Casamada

There are initiatives that are successful because they respond to some underlying necessity, something that was expected although nobody explicity expressed it. This surely is the case with the Mini Print, the print exhibition that has been taking place in Cadaqués for the last twenty years. It was Pascual Fort’s remarkable enthusiasm that was the initial impulse for the idea, which after his premature passing, continued to be promoted by his wife Mercedes Barberà and his son Josep.

It must be said that its success, from the very beginning, was totally satisfying. It had a highly positive response on the international level where the multiple techniques of printmaking were present.

I believe that various factors contributed to the success which has been maintained and augmented throughout these years. The first is the seriousness and professional rigor with which the event was conceived. Another important factor – which as title indicates is one of the basic characteristics of the exhibition – is that which refers to the format, which simplifies participation. At the same time it preserves the intimate character of the print and permits experimentation and play of color. The third circumstance which contributes to the success could be that the show and concession of awards originate in Cadaqués, a well known center of artistic activity. It also could be due to the fact that it occurs in a secluded spot, a sort of island of peace within the agitated summer of Cadaqués. It should be noted that the exhibition is also shown in other places, which makes participation all the more attractive. And we should not forget the important yearly catalog in which all the prizewinning prints are reproduced in full color and all the participating works are reproduced in black and white, an authentic document of the printmaking world.

I mentioned at the beginning that this initiative seemed respond to a latent necessity: the necessity of being able to show one’s own work. This attracts many printmakers to participate in a truly international show where their creations will confront that of other artists, a way of feeling integrated into the diverse lines of work within the world of prints.

One of the most surprising things in each exhibition is the great variety of styles and tendencies. The Mini Print is a window open to the different currents of art, especially printmaking, but by extension to the visual arts in general. Despite the great variety, there is an evident unity because of the format and the excellent level of craftsmanship, which is one of the characteristics of the Mini Print.

If we review the list of techniques: Etching, drypoint, aquatint, lithography, linoleum cut, wood engraving, serigraphy, pochoir… and mixted techniques where different procedures can be combined, we can envision the richness and variety of the works presented each year, proceeding from countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, England, Japan, Australia, Canada, Brazil, the United States, Lithuania, Mexico… etc. The number of good printmakers in the world is surprising! It is in this great panorama of the Mini Print that one can observe and affirm it.

The Mini Print which began as a private initiative, now functions as a not for profit Cultural Association. The different institutional subsidies that it has received up to now have permitted it to go forward. An enterprise with such an important trajectory deserves some type of effective stimulation. In any case, the organizers’ desire to continue is so strong that I don’t think anything can keep them from continuing their project. To have arrived at the twentieth Mini Print is a great achievement. We should all be pleased and hope that it has a prosperous existence for many more years.

Mercedes Barberà Rusiñol
Director of the Mini Print International of Cadaques

During the year 2000 the Mini Print International of Cadaqués celebrated its twentieth anniversary. Throughout these 20 years, artists of the whole world have sent their beautiful prints, making the continuity of the exhibition possible. On July 22 the Ateneu of Cadaqués opened an exhibition in homage to Taller Galeria Fort to celebrate the presence of the Mini Print during 20 years in Cadaqués. Our gallery collaborated with a grand party to which many people associated in one way or another with the Mini Print came to celebrate the 20 years of its existence.

During its stay in Cadaqués in July, August and September it was visited by a great number of people who expressed their admiration for the quality of work exhibited and manifested their desire that it would persist for another twenty years.

The solo shows of the six winning artists of the 19th Mini Print were awaited with expectancy and ever greater interest by print lovers. The level of works shown was very high and thoroughly demonstrated the technical capacity of each of the artists. This year the following artists came to the opening of their respective exhibitions and acted as jury for the 20th Mini Print: Christine Cordero of Australia, Nicola Murray of Scotland, Eliane Gervasoni of Switzerland and Takasuke Nakayama of Japan. The days they spent with us were filled with interest, joy and color.

The Mini Print began it’s itinerary in Lleida from May 3 to May 23. It was shown together with the prints of students from the Municipal Art School thanks to the interest and enthusiasm of the artist and professor Rosa Cire. This is the second time that the city’s Department of Culture has ceded one of its best exhibition spaces for the Mini Print International of Cadaqués. They have told us that it will not be the last time because of the great interest it has aroused among Leridians. In continuation the «Wingfield Arts and Music Festival» exhibited the show during May, June, July and half of August. In Wingfield the Mini Print is always received with great expectation by artists, collectors, communications media and the very interested public, which attend the various artistic events that take place during these months in this beautiful spot in England.

During the month of December and part of January, the Mini Print is shown in the gallery «L’Etangd’Art» in Bages, France, where it is considered a great cultural event. Its continuity in the beautiful French village is assured, thanks to the interest and attraction the show arouses in the Gallery’s director Sophie Cassard.

We thank the Department of Fine Arts of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Ministry of Culture of the Spanish government for their economic support. Together they will make the continuity of the exhibition possible for another year.

As always, my greatest consideration goes to the participating artists who, with their presence, give form and color to the exhibition. We have no doubt that they will be with us for the next Mini Print International of Cadaqués that we are now organizing.