ARCHIVE / 1992 / Texts

Josep-Miquel Garcia
Art critic and Delegate of Visual Arts in Culture Department of the Catalan Government

Few iniciatives, which having intended from the beginning an annual cadence, an international vocation and a level of quality in experimentation and research, have been as successful, within the Catalan artistic panorama, as the Mini Print International, Cadaqués. Due to the absence of its founder and inspiring creator it now faces a new phase which aims to keep alive the enthusiastic spirit that Pascual Fort transmitted, not only through graphic art but through this event which regularly converted Cadaqués into a didactic vision of the varied forms and techniques of international printmaking and which later traveled to different geographic points in Catalonia and abroad. The show demonstrates the diversity that the different printmaking techniques permit within the minimun dimension required by its regulations.

It is enriching to recall the personal and collective path of the Mini Print in order to gauge the extent of the contacts it generates, and the dynamic and prolific connections it establishes especially with Eastern, Oriental and Latin American countries.

Mercedes Barbera’s wise decision to maintain this iniciative assures, in its new edition, the continuity of the meaning and spirit that has always defined the Mini Print International, Cadaqués.

Now that the interrelation of disciplines questions the purity and the frontiers of technical procedures, and thus of the orthodoxy of graphics art, the Mini Print International of Cadaqués will become –more than ever– a point for contemplation of these problems which will awaken its vitality as well as its validity in a world where such events are useful as a critical, pleasant and objective perspective.

Mercedes Barberà Rusinyol
Director of the Mini Print International of Cadaqués

One of the outstanding events of the 12th Mini Print International of Cadaqués, was its inclusion in the Wingfield Festival of Arts & Music in England, where it was shown during May and June, 1992 with the support of the Secretary of Cultural Relations of the Catalan Government.

The importance of this cultural event was such that the show was widely covered by all the mass media (radio, press and TV). Because of its great success, its Director, Ian Chance, has decided to repeat the experience with the 13th Mini Print International of Cadaqués. There is nothing more encouraging for the continuity of the show than its acceptance beyond our borders.

We have also been encouraged by seeing that, despite the absence of its creator, Pascual Fort, so respected and beloved by the artists, the walls of the Taller Galeria Fort were covered by prints proceeding from 45 countries.

We have been deeply moved by the quantity of letters of condolence that we have received from artists all over the world, filled with encouraging words manifesting the importance that the Mini Print International of Cadaqués has for them. We have realized that we are not alone in our efforts and that all the members of ADOGI form a unified whole willing to continue the task.

With these lines we would like to thank you all for all the tokens of solidarity we have received. We are also grateful to the artists who came to Cadaqués to form the Jury and with whom we have exchanged ideas and sympathy.

We also wish to express our gratitude to the Ministry of Culture of the Spanish Government for subsidizing the edition of this catalog in which all the artists whose work we have been able to enjoy this past summer are represented.

We count on all of you for participating in the coming exhibitions that we hope and wish to organize.