ARCHIVE / 1990 / Texts

Jordi Pujol
President of the Catalan Government

Another edition of the Mini Print International Cadaqués, is always good news because it is an exemple of continuity, and only with this persistence can important things be done. The Mini Print International Cadaqués, has this quality and it grows each year.

The organizers should be congratuled for their achie­vements up to now, but we should congratulate all of us since this is an event that honours us as a group. By now, the Mini Print International Cadaqués deserves it. And it is my great pleasure to present the catalog.

Throughout the history of ten editions, there are certain things that I believe should be emphasized. First, the location. It has been a good idea to take advantage of the fame and appeal of Cadaqués for this manifestation of graphic art. The artistic tradition and perennial attraction provides a good showcase. Its success may be partly due to this, but we should not forget those who thought that it should be done this way.

Another thing that distinguishes this artistic event is a good calculation of possibilities. The Mini Print Interna­tional Cadaqués has grown at its own rhythm, a rhythm that nobody has marked. Without false sensationalisms, or if you prefer, without overextending itself. And experience has shown it to be a good way.

A third consideration, inseparable from the significance of Cadaqués, is its Internationality, its openness both to give and receive, to influence and to be influenced. The Mini Print International Cadaqués, would be inconceivable without this characteristc, which is more than strictly an adjective in its official name.

Belonging to Cadaqués, but to the whole world, being very Catalan, but very universal, this art exhibition has travelled a good road for ten years. In presenting this catalog of the “Tenth Mini Print International Cadaqués”, which is a manifestation of continuity as well as success I trust that this year’s event will develop within the same characteristics and will continue in the future.

I express my sincere wish for its success and continuity.

Pascual Fort

After ten years of existance, the Mini Print lnternational Cadaqués has increased its number of participation, exhibitions and visiting public, as well as the quality of the works exhibited.

This tenth version has reached the maximum figure of 681 artists.

Apart from the exhibition usually held in our Gallery in Cadaqués, the number of exhibitions will triple thanks to the agreement reached between the Mini Print International Cadaqués and the Museums Service of the Culture Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya, through which, the exhibition will visit several museums in our country, from this year on, in a traveling way.

The number of visitors and collectors has also highly increased since 1980, when the show was first convoked.

Quality has been kept up thanks to the task of selecting the works that reach our hands. This task happens to be essential due to the great quantity of works received.

It is worth pointing out the effort made by the Culture Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya when organizing the traveling show, which will allow the public who has not had the chance to contemplate the show in Cadaqués to do it within the right frame.

I do thank the Culture Department for this important agreement in my own name and in that of the 681 printing artists participating and the public who will doubtlessly visit the mentioned exhibitions.

And once again, I do thank all participating artists for their kind collaboration which has made the exhibition of the Mini Print International Cadaqués possible and has preserved its continuity for the first ten years, and I call for their participation for ten more.