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Macià Alavedra i Moner
Minister of Industry and Energy

Mini Print, Cadaqués

Many iniciatives based on printed arts have decreasing perspective even though nowadays it is a technique which many artists practice all over the world and that is going on in a constant evolution with splendit results.

We have given our support to the printing arts and will keep on this line, simply because printing arts are a mean as valid as another. Obviously, the “master work” may arise through any creative manifestation of men.

Today, we have the pleasure of receiving in the rooms of the “Centre Permanent d’Artesania” the MINI PRINT INTERNACIONAL, CADAQUÉS show which enjoys an absolute international recognition. This manifestation which started and continuous in Cadaqués awakes such an interest that the possibility of visiting it cannot just remain in that village. Therefore we are obliged to strive for that as much people as possible enjoyed the exhibition.

We are offering you the possibility of admiring a collection of prints of great quality, made by different techniques, comming from all over the world which is not easy to find assambled in our country.

This is to congratulale and encourage the authors of the works as well as the people who day by day, each year, take the effort of making possible the MINI PRINT INTERNATIONAL, CADAQUÉS.

Joaquim Molins
Minister of Trade, Consumer Affairs and Tourism


This catalog collects the works presented in the 7 MINI PRINT INTERNATIONAL, CADAQUÉS which was first started on 1981 by Taller Galeria Fort and that takes place every summer in Cadaqués.

Participation this year has reached 630 artists from 48 countries which demonstrates the spreading of printed arts all over the world as well as the convoking capacity of this competition.

The catalog is offered as a tool to contribute to the promotion of printed arts in Catalonia and the abroad markets. The presentation of the show at the “Centre Permanent d’Artesania de la Generalitat de Catalunya” evidences our government’s willing to support the iniciatives of promotion reffering to craftsmanship through the “Departament d’Indústria i Energia i de Comerç, Consum i Turisme”.

I do hope that all what may arise from this 7 MINI PRINT INTERNATIONAL, CADAQUÉS will answer to the success that its organizers, ADOGI, doubtless deserve.

Franklin Feldman

Printed Works In Small Format

The cliche “smaller is bigger” is nowhere better tested than in the creation and printing of the small format print, the Mini-print. With painting canvases of recent years reaching gargantuan proportions, the small-format print has provided the viewer with images that focus the view. Irrelevant details which mar and confuse the essence of the composition, the small print discards those unecessary lines and shapes which reduces attention from the essence of the design, and disturb the viewer.

As a microscope can isolate the non-essential and requires a spectator to focus on the point of interest, so the mini-print requires a spectator to concentrate his vision in a way that his focus essentially coincides with that of the creator.

If there are secondary or tertiary themes in the creation and treatment of the image, the viewer is not likely to miss them. In the same way as the recital of a single event or perhaps the narration of a short story does not run the risk of diffusion that may accompany a longer novel, the basic clarity of the well-conceived and executed print is not lost on the viewer.

The best of the mini-prints have well been described as jewels –stunning, harmonious and brilliant– that only the most wondrous art can command.

Pascual Fort
President of ADOGI

The edition of the present catalog coincides with the delivery of the entry forms for the 8th MINI PRINT INTERNATIONAL, CADAQUÉS in which some very important readjustments in its content have been made.

During the 7 years (1981-1987) through which this show has been being celebrated, Taller Galeria Fort has kept it alive and increasing by means of the collaboration of the participant artists, its own funds and the aids of the “Departament d’Arts Plàstiques de la Generalitat de Catalunya” (1982-83) and the “Fundació La Caixa” (1984-85-86).

This effort has drove us to reach the prestige this exhibition internation­ally enjoys as it is considered, by the specialized critics, as the most important show which is being celebrated in the world for its quality and participation within its speciality.

The named organization effort, made day by day in a familiar and artisan level, is morally compensated each time that an small post packet containing the prints reaches our hands for its possible participation.

As contrasted with the pleasant task of organizing, receiving the works and showing them, there exists a second part concerning the finances which obliges us to find annually a certain and important amount of money to make possible the named labour.

This indispensable second part has drove us to create ADOGI “Associació Difusora Obra Gràfica Internacional”, a non-profit association wich will take care of finding and managing the financial means existing in ministeries, entities, corporations, etc., so that the MINI PRINT INTERNATIONAL, CADAQUÉS can keep on being convoked.

We, from here, invite all artists, artisans, lovers of art, entities, etc., to become members of ADOGI, if they wish so, thinking that to be a member, on top of helping the MINI PRINT INTERNATIONAL, CADAQUÉS, among other privileges, includes free participation in the mentioned show, to get scholarships, to receive publications, etc.

We do thank and congratulate all artists for their brilliant participation in this 7th version and wish to infase optimism and superation willing to the ones whose works have not been accepted by the Jury and urge them to go on etching and participating in the MINI PRINT INTERNATIONAL, CADAQUÉS. The superation on their works will be surely recognized by the Jury whose task is essential to keep the high artistic and professional level of the exhibited works.

We make extensive our gratitude to the “Departament de Cultura de l’Ajuntament de Cadaqués” for its support, the “Centre Permanent d’Artesania de la Generaliat de Catalunya” for having let its exhibition room to the MINI PRINT INTERNATIONAL, CADAQUÉS and the “Departament de Comerç, Consum i Turisme de la Generalitat de Catalunya” for its economic collaboration in the edition of the present catalog.