ARCHIVE / 1982 / Texts

Daniel Giralt-Miracle
Arts Department, Generalitat de Catalunya

Cadaqués with its charming setting, its isolated cosmopolitanism and its long artistic tradition, is a privileged place where artistic endeavours prosper.

In these surroundings the juried exhibit “Mini Gravat Internacional” has been born. This exhibition has been acknowledged and approved by hundreds of artists from dozens of countries.

We think that this project, promoted and realized by a man as enterprising as Pasqual Fort, should be known outside of the natural environement that has originated it.

It is for this reason that the Fine Arts Services of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya have asked Taller-Galeria Fort to let this exhibition travel during a year so that it can be seen throughout different Catalan regions. We are sure that this travelling show will promote knowledge and appreciation of the different graphic techniques, such as lithography, calcography, and their printing and reproduction.

In view of the present enthusiasm for the graphic arts and the experimentation being done in this field, we have decided to support a project that could one day be as important as the Ljublaja, Cracow and New York Biennals.

Using a play of words, we can say that if the format is minimum, the artistic value and the interest of this exhibit are maximum.

Pascual Fort
Taller Galeria Fort

Since 1980, Taller Galeria Fort has organized the “MINI GRAVAT INTERNACIONAL” which takes place in Cadaqués. The objective of this exhibit is to let people know and appreciate the art works that artists around the world create using multiple printing techniques.

The success of these exhibits is confirmed by the interest of the artists in this kind of project. In 1981, 192 artists from 34 countries submitted a total of 470 works; in 1982, 323 artists from 37 countries submitted 1080 works. These results assured the consolidation and continuity of this annual exhibition. With the desire that this show could be seen by art lovers in all of the Catalan regions, the Fine Arts Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya has organized a travelling exhibition including pieces chosen from “MINI GRAVAT INTERNACIONAL”.

We at Taller Galeria Fort are now preparing the third annual exhibit which will take place in August of 1983, and we feel certain that, again, artists from all over the world will mail their prints which should be done in a format not larger than 10 x 10 cm.

An international jury will select 11 works, that together with a piece selected by the public attending the show in Cadaqués and a poem by catalan poet Joan Brossa, will be published in the form of a portfolio to be called “Impressions II” that will be donated to the Graphic Department of different museums around the world.

We are grateful to the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya for the help given in the circulation of this exhibition and for the publication of this catalog.